Young and Hungry

Last night was University of Richmond’s annual Ring Dance at the Jefferson Hotel. It was a beautiful event where everyone dressed up to celebrate the junior women. The whole day was a blur of excitement and in that blur I forgot to eat. I was already running late when I realized that I was actually incredibly hungry. In that moment, I was somewhat grateful for being on the SNAP challenge because I was able to pull together a peanut butter sandwich. Usually I don’t have anything more than snacks in my room. And then I was running across campus, heels in one hand and sandwich in the other.

About half way through the procession, I (once again) realized I was hungry. Actually so hungry that my stomach was growling embarrassingly. I thought to myself, “if I can just make it through the processional, there will be food!” However, my body had other plans.

All at once, all I could hear was buzzing. My vision went blurry and I was so hot my body went numb. That’s when I knew I was about to pass out. So I sat on the marble floor of the Jefferson Hotel, amidst a crowd of parents, grandparents and students, and put my head between my knees. Real cute at a formal event…

Luckily, I somehow managed to not faint and as soon as my Big came through the procession, her mom grabbed my hand and we went in search of snacks and water. As soon as I had eaten something, I was fine, albeit a little embarrassed. I went to watch the rest of the processional and to wait for more substantive food to come out.

After an hour and half long processional and about twenty minutes of photo taking, the staff rolled out huge silver serving trays laden with food. I almost cried. There was sandwiches and cheese and pasta and veggies. I was the most excited about the veggies and ate an entire (cocktail size) plate of asparagus.

Now, my mom always taught me to not pig out at parties. However, given the circumstances I think loading up a plate with a little bit of everything and (daintily) scarfing it down was fairly acceptable.

The rest of the night was uneventful. I made sure to drink plenty of water but spent most of my time dancing to the live band and loving every moment.



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