This Mom SNAPped

One of the most incredible results of partaking in the SNAP challenge is how it affected the people around me. It is validating to know that more people are aware of the breadth of issue of food insecurity in the U.S. because of my experience with the SNAP challenge. Here’s my mom’s perspective:

Flow in Harmony

This past week my college daughter participated in the SNAP Challenge for her Civil Justice class.  (Yohungry-child-1u can read about her journey here.)

As her mom, I had mixed emotions.  I was so proud of her for wanting to understand one of our country’s biggest challenges — food insecurity.  However, Maggie is hyperglycemic – to the point that even in her adult life I carry snacks for her when we are together. She can devolve from healthy and vibrant to pale, weak and confused in a matter of minutes.  She’s also battling chronic lyme disease; this means she takes an enormous number of drugs that need to be taken with food, there is a special diet she must follow, and deviations from protocol are potentially disastrous to her long term health.  I strongly protested her participation in the challenge – knowing she would respond with the requisite, “yes…

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